Weekend Fun!

Well Saturday was rather a funny day with the ever changing weather. Zara went for a walk in the local fields with her favourite ‘ball wanger’ and we managed to see a bit of the sun! 

We then had a rather lazy day doing jobs around the house and watching the torrential
rain, followed by sunshine, followed by torrential rain, that went on throughout the day. Unfortunately Zara got caught out by one of the rain storms (when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go!) but it meant she got to do one of her great Yoda impressions…




The force is strong with this one.







On Sunday we met up with Zara’s puppy socialisers for a lovely walk in Burnham Beeches and a pitstop for lunch at a local pub.

Zara had great fun exploring the woods and found a field with super long grass which she thought was brilliant. She spent quite a while running around like a lunatic, which had us all in stitches (video on youtube… Zara leaping around ).




Zara was also very pleased with herself because she found a lovely swampy bit of water to cool off in. We were less thrilled as it didn’t smell that great…!

My husband Thomas managed to get this great photo of her thoroughly enjoying herself. She really is a sucker for water and will go for a paddle whenever the opportunity arises!




We quite often meet up with Zara’s puppy socialisers so they can see how she’s getting on and we keep in regular contact with progress updates. We also B&B’d one of their other puppies and have kept in contact ever since. Yet another of the many reasons we enjoy volunteering for Hearing Dogs is the great friendships we have formed over the years.

We are also very lucky that they are able to look after Zara if we go away. She has a great time and feels relaxed in an environment that she’s used to and they get to catch up on squishy Zara cuddles! Win win!

We had a lovely meal and Zara settled next to us in the sun to try and dry off her rather soggy belly!

After we had walked back and said goodbye to Louise & Gary we then went to visit my parents for a family BBQ. This meant Zara got to play with her good friend Beau (aka Bilbeau Baggins!)



After a rather exciting, jam packed day, she had a well deserve snooze in the car on the way home and an early night ready for school on Monday!

Hope you all had a fun weekend like Zara!



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