The weekend went by in a Flash!

Last weekend we were very lucky to have an extra visitor to the Hearing Dog Hotel!


9 week old, Hearing Dog puppy, Flash came to stay! He was a very good boy but let me tell you, he certainly lived up to his name!!

I spent most of the weekend chasing around after him, picking him up quickly to put him outside when he looked like he needed the toilet, swopping slippers and gloves for toys/biscuits and trying to get him to stop sleeping on top of my newly planted flowers! Although, even after a few squashed pansies and a few flowers that got their heads bitten off, I really couldn’t be cross with his utterly adorable little face!!

Princess Zara (as she is affectionately known) wasn’t overly keen on the little rascal. Having to share the limelight really isn’t on as far as she’s concerned, and being nipped and jumped on wasn’t her idea of fun. Flash did end up with a few tellings off from the Princess before she retreated upstairs to her bed to sleep (sulk).


However, on Saturday Zara and I went to the Naphill Village Fete to do some fundraising on the Hearing Dog’s stand, while Thomas stayed at home with the puppy. We had a great time, raising awareness of the charity and Zara enjoyed all the fuss and attention from everyone. Zara kept a close eye on the cuddle toy tombola to see if there were any toys that she could add to her ever expanding collection.

When we got home Zara decided that she would be brave and spend a bit of time with Flash. I promised to protect her from his sharp little teeth and she decided he wasn’t so bad after all!

(How lucky am I!!! Two gorgeous puppies for the weekend!)

On Sunday, Zara and Flash helped me do some gardening. Zara quickly got bored and decided she would rather have a snooze in the sun. Flash however, thought gardening was great! A brilliant opportunity to dig holes (not where I wanted them), run around the garden with my gardening gloves, pick up and move dug up weeds to a better location than the pile I was building, run off with my trowel, pounce on empty flower pots and run around the garden with them and lay on my newly planted flowers! In between all of this he also found many opportunities to sneak up and pounce on Zara and nip her ears…

By the end of the morning, all three of us were exhausted, covered in mud and in need of a bath!

In the afternoon we attended the Hearing Dog’s volunteers afternoon tea party. It was lovely to catch up with everyone and see how all the different pups are getting on. Zara got to meet up with some of her ‘school friends’ and have a play with some pups of her own age, that are a bit more grown up and have learnt their manners.

After 15mins or so we dropped Flash off at the puppy creche to have a sleep as it was quite a lot for a little puppy to take in. His brother Forrest was also in the puppy creche so they caught up and had a snooze together.

The rest of Sunday evening, Zara and Flash played in the garden and the penny finally dropped for Flash; he finally started to understand that if he didn’t bite Zara, she would play with him for longer and he was less likely to be pinned to the floor!

It was lovely to see Zara looking so much more grown up and mature, it really highlighted how far she has come in her training since she came to us in February. She’s always been a very good girl but she seems to have matured over the last few months and it reinforces what a great Hearing Dog and companion she is going to be to her recipient.

If you fancy looking after an adorable little future life changer, Hearing Dogs are looking for new Puppy Socialisers in various locations across the country and you can find out more here.



Cuddling a snoring puppy is one of the best things ever!!!




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