Zara’s been busy!

Zara has had a busy couple of weeks. She passed her Hearing Dog test 2 weeks ago, and is now officially a super clever Hearing Dog and her trainer, Heather, is currently matching her to a recipient, so it looks like she will be off to work some time in August. (Proud Pupmum moment!) 

We also had an extra visitor to stay last weekend… Zara’s boyfriend, Stanley! They had a great time following each other around the house/garden, playing with each other’s toys and sleeping in each other’s beds!

Zara is a big flirt and loved having Stanley to stay! We’ve kept it a surprise from her, but he’s coming back for another weekend stay at the end of the month! Shhh!

We have also been doing quite a bit of fundraising for Hearing Dogs over the last few weeks. A few weeks ago we were at Tesco in Amersham: (Zara got to meet Batman! Her favourite!!!)

Today we were at the Princes Risborough Town Festival:


…and tomorrow we are going to cheer on all the wonderful cyclists taking part in the Hearing Dog Sportive, including the ultra talented Elinor Barker and our own celeb Pupdad, Thomas, who is doing the 100mile route. GO THOMAS! GO!

Next weekend is also going to be rather exciting, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer to hear all about it… (we can barely wait!!!)… Watch this space!

For now, we’re going to continue snoozing in the Saturday evening sun…


Thanks for reading 🐾


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