Best Friends Reunited

At the weekend we had the absolute privilege to meet up with Honey, our previous B&B dog, and her wonderful recipient Katherine. 

We were absolutely over the moon when we found out we were going to be able to see them both.

Honey was an absolute pleasure to look after whilst she was completing her sound work training and stayed at the ‘Hearing Dog Hotel’ from February 2016 – September 2016.

What made this trip even more special, is that both Honey and Zara were brought up by the same fab Puppy Socialisers, Louise and Gary.

Zara and Honey lived together for a few months before Honey moved to live with us for the next step of her training. We used to meet up regularly with Louise and Gary for walks when we had Honey, so that they could still see her for squishy cuddles and so Honey and Zara could meet up for a good run around and playtime.

As Zara will be leaving us soon, to go out and work with her new recipient, it was so lovely that they could have one final goodbye and so Honey could tell Zara all about how wonderful it is to be a working Hearing Dog!!

At the weekend, we wisely decided to meet at the park so there was lots of open space for Zara and Honey to say a big excitable hello! As soon as Honey came into the park she rushed straight over to Zara and that was it, madness ensued. Back to their old ways, Honey chasing Zara, Zara chasing Honey and a bit of ruff and tumble! They had a great time running around the park and swimming in the river.


However, whilst on our walk, they both found a rather smelly cow pond, which they thought was fantastic – we weren’t too sure…

fullsizerender 4

It was so lovely to catch up with Katherine and her husband Ben and hear all about what Honey’s been up to. Katherine explained how great Honey has been at alerting her when she has visitors to her shop (which Honey loves, as she thinks they’re all there to see her! Typical!). The bond they have developed already is amazing, Honey is completely focussed on Katherine, ready to act as soon as she’s needed. It’s so rewarding to see Honey working after all those many months of training and absolutely loving it – we are incredibly proud of her. She has completely fallen on her feet with Katherine and it’s lovely to see them both so happy together.


fullsizerender 5
Happy Honey! Smelly and wet = perfect!
fullsizerender 2
“Yes I know I smell awful, but please can I have a cuddle?”

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