Hearing Dogs Volunteers of the Month – July 2017

Wow! We are absolutely overwhelmed to be this month’s Hearing Dogs, Volunteers of the Month. It is our absolute pleasure to volunteer for this wonderful charity and hopefully if you have been reading this blog you understand why!

We started volunteering for Hearing Dogs when we moved to Princes Risborough and bought our first house. When we moved in, we didn’t know anyone in the town and felt a bit isolated having both moved from areas where we had grown up with family and friends.

Not long after we moved in, we saw a huge banner with puppies on, advertising the Hearing Dogs Spring Open Day. As soon as I saw it, I begged Thomas to go (not that he took a lot of persuading)! My reasoning was, “Thomas, there might be puppies there!!!!”.

There were indeed puppies there, and lots and lots of adorable pups – we were in heaven!

Whilst there, we learnt about B&B socialising and it sounded absolutely perfect for us. We both really wanted a dog of our own, but weren’t able to have one as we both work full time and didn’t feel it would be fair to leave a dog alone for the vast majority of the day even with a lunchtime dog walker. This was the answer to our dreams!

What we hadn’t expected, was that not only did we get to look after the most amazing pups but we also made friends with lots of likeminded (dog crazy) people!

Being a part of the Hearing Dogs family has well and truly made us feel part of the local community and we are sincerely thankful for that.

Hearing Dogs is such a fun and caring charity and we are continually blown away by how dedicated and friendly all of the staff and fellow volunteers are. This charity changes lives, not only for deaf people but for everyone who comes into contact with them.

So, we are extremely grateful that Hearing Dogs chose us as their volunteers of the month but really we owe them a HUGE THANK YOU!!!


Hearing Dogs Shoot
Photo by Paul Wilkinson Photography

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